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South Asia Plastics Group Ltd. started from humbled beginnings over 30 years ago. Our founders are former employees of NANYA Plastics Corporation based in Taiwan, ROC which is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC based plastics in the world. Over the years the application of petroleum based products continued to evolve in North America and our founders began a distribution business for NanYa's products in the Canadian market. From rigid and flexible pvc products the company began adding new product lines to complement this ever growing industry. Our strength now lies in sheet substrates of various forms used in the signage, graphics and construction industries. We have also diversified our inventory to adapt to the changing market place of digital technology. As a distribution center our primary purpose is to provide our customers with adequate stock and just in time (JIT) inventory to meet their needs. With a large warehousing distribution center we can stock large volumes of products so that our customers don't have to. Whether your requirements are small or large we are here to help your business needs.

Mission Statement

In partnership with our manufacturers, we will provide our customers with products and services that meet the highest standard in customer satisfaction.